Monday, July 14, 2014

Vegetable Bread Omelette

This is an ideal breakfast recipe as it keeps you full for longer and gets you going.Of course it's healthy when made using whole wheat bread.I generally prefer bread with some spicy dip or side dish and this recipe truly lives up to it. The addition of besan gives this dish the omelette feel.Kids would also like it a lot.Here goes the yummy and healthy breakfast recipe.

Preparation and cooking time: 15 mins

Whole wheat bread - 6 slices
Carrot and cabbage(grated)-2 tbsp
Sliced onion(small size)-1
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp 
Chilli powder-1 tsp(adjust according to your need)
Green chilli chopped- 1 no(optional)
Coriander leaves chopped finely-  1 tbsp
Besan flour- 4 tbsp
Hing- 1 tsp
Water-1 cup
Salt- to taste 
Oil- few tsp for toasting the bread 

1.Mix besan flour with water and prepare a mixture.
2.Add grated carrot and cabbage, onion,green chilli,salt,hing,turmeric powder ,chopped coriander and chilli powder to this mixture .

3.Heat a non- stick fry pan, add a tsp of oil , now take a spoon of the above besan mixture and spread it on one side of the bread slice and keep this spreaded side facing the oil on the pan.
4. Now as it gets toasted, on the other side of the bread spread a spoon of besan mixture and turn the slice on the tawa .Add another tsp of oil .

5.Once both the sides of the bread are toasted to golden brown, remove it and serve hot with ketchup or any dip of your choice.

*The besan mixture consistency should neither be too thick nor too thin.
*Avoid green chilli if you don't want it spicy.
*Serve it hot as it tastes really awesome when it is hot.
*You can also add chopped curry leaves to the besan mixture.

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