Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Instant whole wheat rava dosa

Whole Wheat Rava Dosa
After an exhausting and long day  roaming outside , I was too tired to cook a dinner .We also didn't want to eat outside as we were eating out the entire day and longed for a simple home food.I was running out of idli/dosa batter as well.So I landed up making this instant and healthy version of  normal rava dosa.The batter for this whole wheat rava dosa must be slightly thicker than that of rava dosa.It tastes great with any chutney or idli podi.

Preparation time:10 mins


Whole wheat broken rava(samba rava)-1/2 cup
Whole wheat flour -1/2 cup
Chemba red rice puttu flour-1/2 cup(you can use normal rice flour also)
Water-2 cups( if batter is too thick add another 1/4 to 1/2 cup water )
Jeera-1 tsp
Crushed pepper(optional)-1 tsp
Chopped green chillies-2 nos
Chopped coriander leaves and curry leaves- few strings each
Finely chopped big onion- 1 no
Hing-1/2 tsp
Salt- to taste
Oil- few tsp to prepare dosa

1. Mix all the above ingredients to a batter which is thinner than normal dosa batter and thicker than normal rava dosa batter.make sure no lumps are there in tha batter.
2.Leave a standing time of 10 mins for the batter.
3. Make dosas on a iron tawa or non-stick tawa with a tsp of oil.Don't make it too thin.

4.Turn it and let it be there for another min.Serve hot with chutney and sambar or idli podi.

*You can substitute half a cup of water with sour curd or buttermilk.
*Adjust water level so that the batter is a little thicker than normal rava dosa batter.
*Please add jeera,hing,coriander and curry leaves and green chillies for  a nice flavour ,otherwise the smell of whole wheat flour will be overpowering.

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