Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vegetable Spring Roll

Everytime I go to the supermarket,I peep in to the deep frozen section for puff pastry sheets and end up in vain as I won't be able to find puff pastry sheets.To my surprise,this time I was able to grab the spring roll pastry sheets out of the freezer and I was quite happy because this means, I could try out a lot of things like spring roll,samosa etc and their baked versions as well.I tried baked veg spring rolls and it came out pretty well but couldn't click pictures as it was my maiden attempt with these sheets.For the second time,I wanted to make deep fried vegetable spring rolls as it was for one of my friend who is pregnant and sounded ideal as a snack for a cup of tea and some chit chat in the mid morning.It came out super delicious and crispy and we enjoyed it thoroughly.I just wished my pastry sheets were a bit longer so that I could have made bigger spring rolls,otherwise it's perfect for a snack or as a party starter.

Preparation time:35 mins
Makes:18 rolls


Spring roll pastry sheets-1 pack
Shredded Cabbage-100 gms
Carrot (julienne slices or finely chopped )-1 no
Thinly sliced capsicum-1 no
Thinly sliced onion- 1 no
Soy sauce-1 tsp
Salt-to taste
Pepper powder-1 tsp
Sugar -1 tsp
All purpose flour- 1 tbsp
Oil-for deep frying

To be grind to a fine paste:
Green chillies-2(mildly hot)
Ginger-1/2 inch
Garlic-4 pods
Vinegar-2 tsp


1.Grind the ingredients given for grinding to a fine paste and get the veggies ready.

2.Heat a tbsp of oil with a tsp of sugar.Once it caramelizes, add the onions and saute well.

3.Then add the ground paste followed by other vegetables.the vegetables needs to be sautéed and not cooked completely.

4.Add freshly ground pepper and soy sauce and salt.Switch off the flame once everything is sautéed well.

5.Now defrost the spring roll pastry sheets and make a thick paste of all purpose flour or maida using a tbsp of water for pasting the rolls.

6.Lay a single sheet on a board or large plate.Keep the filling in the left mid corner and fold the left edge to the centre.Then fold both the sides as in image 3 and glue it using the flour paste.Now apply the paste on the top open edge and paste it as in image 4.

7.Prepare the other rolls in similar manner and keep it can use a moist cloth to cover it and to prevent the rolls going dry.Heat the oil and deep fry the rolls till they are golden brown and crisp.

8.Drain the oil over a tissue and serve hot with tomato ketchup .


*You can use chilli paste instead of grinding green chillies with that case you ginger garlic paste separately.
*You can also bake the rolls by keeping it in a preheated oven at 200 C for 25-30 mins.If you are baking them then brush the rolls with oil and keep it on a greased aluminum tray.


  1. yummy, i love spring rolls!

  2. Delicious & healthy tea time snack.........

  3. We get plenty of pastry sheets and the spring roll sheets. So many in fact and comes in different sizes. In fact difficult to decide which one to buy. I love these fried rolls. Somehow preferred compared to the baked ones. I don't need the tomato sauce. I need chilli sauce.