Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Chettinad Ribbon Pakoda(Fried Rice Flour Crisps)

I am a great fan of the culinary expert Mrs.Revathi Shanmugam. My mom used to try a lot of her recipes and tells me to try it too.One such delectable and delicious recipe is this chettinad ribbon pakoda which is made of par boiled rice. I was so determined to make this dish and Diwali and successfully made it as well. It came out very crispy and tasty that it got over in 2 days.My son loves it and I too joined him in munching these awesome ribbon pakodas. Unlike the regular ribbon pakodas which are made of gram flour these pakodas are light in colour and have a unique flavour. They were too crunchy.


Par boiled rice -2 cups
Fries gram dal -1/2 cup
Sago or Javvarisi -1/4 cup
Green chilies-3 no
Hing or asafetida -1 tsp
Coconut milk thick-1/2 cup
Salt-to taste
Refined oil -to deep fry

Procedure :

1.Soak the par boiled rice for 6 hours and grind it in a wet grinder to a thick paste by adding minimum water.To this paste add the coconut milk and mix well .Dry roast the fried gram for a few minutes till nice aroma arises.Keep it aside .

2.In the same wok,add the sago and roast it till it gets slightly puffed up.

3.Powder the fried gram and sago in a mixer to a fine powder.Add it to the ground rice mixture along with asafetida or hing and salt.

4.Grind the green chillies and strain the juice to the rice paste mixture.Mix well and bring it together to a pliable dough.(adding no or little water)

5.Take a small amount of the dough and use a ribbon pakoda press to make the ribbon pakodas.

6.Heat oil in a wok and turn the heat to medium once the oil is heated.Use the press and add the pakodas to the oil and fry them till the oil sound reduces or it is cooked well.

7.Remove them oil and store it in an air tight container.Crispy and yummy Chettinad Ribbon Pakoda is ready.


*Use very less water to grind the parboiled rice.If water content is more then we wont be able to make pakodas as the dough will be too watery.
*Roast the sago till it slightly puffs up,if not the pakodas wont be crispy.
*You can add sesame seeds for added flavour.

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