Friday, November 21, 2014

Mochai kuzhambhu(Dry Field Beans Gravy for rice)

I go bonkers with Mochai paruppu or dry field beans and love to add them in any dish which goes well with it. Even the fresh Mochai is very tasty and I use during its season.But the main fear is that it may cause gas or bloating. I do not deny it but at the same time how can one avoid such a tasty and nutritious legume which is high on protein and fibre?So like what I said in moonu paruppu sambar I pair it up with ingredients like garlic,ginger,horse gram or kollu,fennel,hing or jeera which will reduce gas or bloating.whenever I eat these legumes I feel full longer and satiated in small portion of carbs(like rice/chappathi).

The recipe here is an adaptation of menu rani chellam's channa dal kuzhambhu which I saw on a tv program long back.i tried channa kuzhambhu and it was too good and it became my husband's favorite.So I adapted the same recipe with Mochai instead of channa dal and the outcome was delicious and very flavorful. Mochai kuzhambhu goes well with hot plain rice, papad and any vegetable stir fry or poriyal.

Preparation time:20 mins

If you like this recipe please feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.Your comments encourage me to do more.

Ingredients :

 Mochai paruppu or dry field beans-50 gms
Chopped Small onions -10 no
Chopped / crushed Garlic pods -6 no
Chopped tomatoes-1 no
Turmeric powder-1 tsp
Chilli powder-1 tsp
Sambar powder-2 tbsp
Hing -1 tsp
Sesame oil-2 tbsp
Tamarind -1 small lemon size
Salt-to taste
Jaggery -1 tsp

To be grind to a paste:
Grated coconut -3 tbsp
Poppy seeds-1tbsp
Fried gram dhal/pottukadalai-2 tsp
Saunf/fennel seeds-1/2 tsp(optional)

To temper:
Mustard seeds -1/2 tsp
Fenugreek seeds-1/2 tsp
Red chillies-2
Curry leaves- few


1. Soak the dry field beans/Mochai paruppu for 6-7 hours and pressure cook them till they are soft.

2.Grind coconut ,fennel seeds,poppy seeds and fried gram dal to a fine paste.

3.Heat a wok with sesame oil and add the tempering ingredients.once the mustard splutters add the chopped small onion and garlic and sauté well.

4.Add hing and salt.Then add the chopped tomato,turmeric powder,sambar powder and chilli powder and sauté well.

5.Add the tamarind extract and water and allow it boil well till the raw smell goes off.then add the ground paste and simmer the flame and let it boil till the kuzhambhu thickens and oil separates.

6.Once the kuzhambhu has thickened add the jaggery and switch off the flame . Serve hot with plain rice and poriyal of your choice.


*You can add cashews instead of fried gram dal for a rich taste.
*I added fennel seeds. You can avoid it if you don't like its flavor.
*If you don't have sambar powder then add equal quantities of coriander powder and chilli powder instead of sambar powder.