Monday, August 11, 2014

Javvarisi Idly Mavu Bonda(Sago Idly Batter Bonda)

With all the festivals lined up in this month of aadi , I prepared vadais on varalakshmi nombu as well as on avani avvittam.So today I decided to make something different and made these sago bondas for my son as an evening snack.Sago(Javvarisi )vada or Bonda is usually made with soaked sago,boiled potatoes,chilli powder,salt and hing. But this one is completely different and definitely very easy.Because we add sago to idly/dosa batter ,these bondas are really very crisp but quite heavy and they should be served really hot for one to enjoy its crispy outer layer  and soft core.

Preparation time:4-5 hrs
Cooking time:10 mins


Sago-3 tbsp
Idly/dosa batter-2 cups(4 ladles approximately) 
Ginger-1/2 inch
Green chillies-1 or 2 (increase if you want it very spicy)
Small onions-4 to 5 nos
Curry leaves-few
Hing-1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves-2 strings(optional)
Salt-to taste
Oil-to fry


1.Soak sago in idly/dosa batter for 4-5 hours.

2.If the sago and idly batter mixture becomes too hard after 4-5 hrs then you can a spoon of water to make it to a batter of Bonda consistency.
3.Grind green chilli,ginger,curry leaves,small onions,coriander leaves to a dry coarse paste without adding water in a mixer.Mix this paste to the sago batter.

 4. After mixing the ground paste well with the batter,take a spoon of the batter and pour it in the hot oil heated in a wok/kadai .

5.Keep the flame on medium and cook the Bonda till it's cooked on all sides and it turns golden brown.Once done strain it from the oil and enjoy the sago bondas hot.


*Soaking the sago in idly batter is essential ,otherwise sago will not be soft.
*After the sago has got soaked for 3-4 hours,if the batter is too thick then you can add a spoon of water,mix well and then check the consistency. Don't add too much water because you won't be able to get bondas then.
*If you like fennel seeds flavor, then you can add 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds to the grinding ingredients.

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