Monday, December 14, 2015

Humanity Exists-Chennai Floods!!!

Well, finally Chennai is back to normalcy with prayers from all the people and their helping hand. The deluge made everyone believe that there is humanity still alive and that's what keeps us going. The Chennai floods affected everyone in some way or the other.Many lost their homes and belongings. For some  it was a different experience with shortage of power, water and other domestic supplies. It took us back to our grandparents era where there was no electricity,no telephones/mobiles and laptops. One very good thing which happened amongst this chaos is that we were able spend a great time with our kith and kin with no disturbances from the modern gadgets.

We played board games, read books to our kid, lit karthigai lamps in the house for light. We learnt how to conserve water /power as we had limited drinking or metro water at our disposal! Initially the children in the neighborhood wanted rains as they got holidays but after seeing the disaster even they prayed gods for the rains to stop. There were prayer meetings and relief work carried out everywhere. It motivates you to contribute as well. I could go on and on about the floods....but ultimately it has taught a lesson to everyone that money is not all and that humanity persists!!!

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