Sunday, July 26, 2015

Guest Post:Baklava Rolls-A Turkish Delight!

I am so excited as this is going to be the first guest post to my blog by my friend Prabha at Prabhasyummyexperiments !When she asked what type of recipe I would like her to post,I immediately said let it be a dessert as this is the first guest post and let it be a sweet.Prabha agreed immediately and asked me whether she could post the recipe of Baklava!At once I said yes as I always wanted to try this Turkish dessert.Now its time to get a little intro from Prabha before we proceed with recipe.

1.How your passion for food and cooking developed?

I knew only a teeny bit  of cooking before my marriage..
But after marriage and pregnancy, made me aware about eating 
healthy and of course my hubby,he has very fine taste..he's the 
one who made me love food a lot...

2.Name of signature recipe of yours that your family and friends love it

1.Christmas fruit cake - with lots of healthy ingredients -

2.Cheese Puffs-both kids and adults liked it equally

3.Ulunthan Kali- very healthy especially for women

3.Few photography tips

1.Try to use natural lighting outdoor/ near big windows..
2.Tripod is really helpful to take clear pics..
3.Avoid green color props/ plates, if you are a beginner..


1.Gardening..really the home grown veggies are the best..
and also gives us good workout..we have a little sweet garden full of 
flowers and seasonal veggies..also some herbs..

2..I love reading a lot.. and learning new things..

5.Favourite Internatioal Cuisine

Liked american before..Now more of mexican Cuisine..

6.What do you think about healthy eating and a ny recipes from your blog for weight watchers?

Ice creams are my weakness..So a solution for myself without compromising on taste
is Sorbets...And instead of frying, I try baking dishes..

1.Guilt free summer recipes-

2.Baked aloo bonda-

7.Blogging tips/ Cooking tips

1.Grate refrigerated butter to get room temperature butter quickly..
2.Add small pinch of salt to sweets and pinch of sugar to savory items,
to increase the taste..

8.A recipe you wanted to try for long time and yet to be tried

1.Recipes from mexican cuisine like chalupas and chimichangas..
I love to eat them out, so postponing to try at home..hopfully will try soon..


Hi all..

Baklava rolls..a very rich and  sweet pastry from middle eastern'm so glad that I tried it at home..Thank u suja..I'm preparing this for the guest post dear...Thanks for giving me the space to write up ..and as you asked here's a yum dessert..It's such a easy dessert, but one of the best tasting sweet I've tasted ever...Usually involves usage of lots of nuts, some versions have some milk based sweet filling or dry fruit paste as filling..I tried this simple version using just nuts and turned out awesome..Our family liked it a lot...Use good quality phyllo pastry sheets for the best results..Please do give it a try and you will all like it for sure..


Phyllo Pastry sheet1 pack
Butter1/2 lb
Cashews2 tblsp
Almonds2 tblsp
 Pistachio2 t blsp
Sugar3/4 cup to 1 cup


1.Grind cashews and almonds into rough powder using a dry mixer jar.

2.Defrost the phyllo sheets completely(in fridge for a day or outside for 5 to 6 hours..)..Open the sheets and cut as equal sheets..Melt the butter..Apply melted butter using a brush..Spread the nut mixture on top of butter..

3.Using chapathi roll pin roll it around the roller..Again apply melted butter on the sheet and spread nut mixture and roll..Repeat it for 4 or 5 sheets...Gather the sheets together, so they form a shrinking pattern in the middle of roll pin..

4.Transfer it to the greased baking pan..Repeat the same procedure for all the sheets...Pour the remaining butter evenly on top of the sheets..Bake at 350F (180C) for 35 to 40 minutes or until golden brown on top...While it's baking, prepare sugar syrup of single thread consistency..

5.Cut as equal sized rolls using a sharp knife, when it's still warm..Pour sugar syrup over the rolls..

6.Powder the pistachois...Place it as a line on top of the baklava rolls...Let it soak overnight or atleast 10 hours before serving..

7.Baklava is ready now!