Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mysore Pak


Making mysore pak was a really a big experience for me.It was in 2012 for diwali I decided to make mysore pak which came as halwa and again I tried for new year 2013 when I got a too firm and hard burfi like mysore pak. I was like Mohammed Gazhini(not giving up so easily) and browsed a hell lot of blogs and books for mysore pak and came across a microwave version mysore pak and wanted to try it ,hoping this method will yield at least a decent mysore pak and decided to try it for diwali 2103 and two of my enthusiastic neighbors too joined me to see how to make mysore pak(that too in microwave) and what I got was a puttu (powder form)made of besan and was feeling really bad as I failed this time also that too in front of my neighbors.Finally I ended up making 7 cup burfi that diwali.This time I asked my mom in law to help me with the proportion and correct consistency as she had already made mysore paks before.Eureka!! Finally I was able to make mysore pak,not the Krishna sweets type but the traditional textured melt-in mouth mysore pak .I made a small batch for trial and as the taste was awesome it got over in 2 days and so this diwali is going to be celebrated with delicious homemade mysore pak , of course a bigger batch.

I was stirring in one hand and taking pictures in the other and as I was very cautious to get a good mysore pak I missed out pictures on few stages as well as the quality of step by step pictures are not satisfactory yet all this makes it up for the most delicious melt in mysore pak at the end and so I wanted to post this recipe now. When I make a bigger batch I will surely upload a much better step by step pictures.the proportion to be remembered is gram flour: ghee : sugar= 1:2:3 .I prepared a small batch with 1/4 th of a cup of gram flour and I got nearly 12 pieces of mysore pak.You can scale it up easily with the above proportion.The time increases with the increase in quantity of ingredients.

Preparation time :15-20mins
Makes 12 pieces


Besan/gram flour-1/4 cup
Ghee-1/2 cup
Sugar-3/4 cup
Water-just enough to immerse the sugar and not more than that


1.Roast gram flour till nice aroma arises but it should not change color.Remove it from the flame and keep it aside.

2.Heat the ghee in a low flame on another wok.

3.Heat sugar and water in a wok and boil the sugar till the sugar syrup reaches one string consistency.That is,if you take a small amount syrup between your thumb and index finger and stretch it should form a single this stage add gram flour little by little and stir continuously so that no lumps are formed .

4.Keep stirring and at regular intervals add the hot ghee little by little to this mixture.At one point the mixture would leave the sides of the pan and will look frothy as below and by this time you should have added all the mentioned quantity of ghee to this mixture.Transfer the contents to a greased tray or plate.This stage is important if you miss it then you will not get a melt in mysore pak but it will harden and crumble as well.

5.After 5 mins cut them into pieces and once cooled completely you can take away the pieces and store them in an air tight jar.It tastes good up to 6-8 days when stored in an air tight container.

*Make sure you use a high quality gram flour for Mysore pak as its taste relies on the quality of gram flour or besan.
*Do not reduce the amount of ghee.
*The single thread consistency for sugar syrup is very important.


  1. One of my fav Indian sweets. These pieces are made to perfection and I know for a fact that they would have tasted fabulous.