Saturday, September 27, 2014

Easy Besan Laddu(Gram flour Laddu)

Few years back I got the idea of making besan Laddu when I was stocked with a lot of gram flour in my kitchen shelf.In tambrahm day to day cuisine it is the least used ingredient(daily basis) i.e. we use it for dish like mor kuzhambhu(South Indian kadhi) and bajji or pakoras.After searching on the internet I found this recipe of besan laddu which is very simple and sounded delicious too.Even for a first timer this recipe is fail proof and can win you a lot of praise when made during Navrathri or Diwali and shared with the near and dear ones.

Makes:around 20 laddus 
Preparation time:30 mins


Gram flour or besan -2 cups
Sugar-2 cups
Almonds-1/2 cup
Cardamom powder-2 tsp
Ghee-1 cup


1.Grind sugar,almonds and cardamom to a fine powder.( keep few almonds for garnishing).

2.Roast gram flour with 3 to 4 tsp of ghee till the gram flour turns golden brown and nice aroma arises.

3.Switch off the flame and mix the sugar mixture along with the gram flour.When it is warm add the melted ghee spoon by spoon and mix it thoroughly.
4.Take little flour inside your palm and press it hard to form a ball .If it holds the shape firmly then you can stop adding ghee. If the ball breaks then you should add more ghee spoon by spoon till you get a firm Laddu.

5.Garnish the besan laddu with few sliced almonds and serve.


*I added ghee based on the ability to make laddu's out of besan mixture and the given quantity of ghee is the closest approximate value.
*Make laddu's when the mixture is warm and also add melted ghee.These help in getting a firm laddu.


  1. Such a yummy ladoo ..Looks perfect ..Perfect for diwali .I am your new follower ,glad if you follow me back

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